Points of change

We see our ‘sweet spot’ as when we work with businesses or brands at points of change. We have defined 3 key points of change and our response to them.

  1. When you and the category are stuck
  2. Losing – when someone else is doing it better or differently
  3. When you are doing something new

Our difference – strategy doesn’t start with strategy – it starts with growth

  • We spend more time working out how you’ll win than trying to solve problems
  • We acknowledge there are not many easy answers out there we are brutally honest
  • We focus on deeper reflection – a search for profundity – a willingness to engage with data; a long term mindset, delivered through short, sharp intensive projects
  • We try not to do ‘arms length’ consulting by getting close to your organisation – whilst maintaining an independent, challenging perspective
  • Our approach: strategy doesn’t start with strategy – it starts with GROWTH…
  • Growth Frameworks… a unique approach delivering an actionable understanding of the mechanics of growth
  • Business model is never very far away…

Think category!

We understand category, channel and retail – we talk about shoppers as often as we talk about consumers… it’s why we think our work is useable and will be used! We help define your market, understand the adjacencies and exploit parallel market learning… we consider how a brand will actually work in real channels [online or offline] and moments of truth…

Get digital! Get BIG data

We work hard to get digital. We work hard to get Big Data… these are table stakes for marketers and business people in the current environment. It’s what we do.


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