Deep Reflection

Context building is everything

– we use data analysis and insight/category/competitive understanding to ensure we answer the right questions and understand where we start from

Data Recycling

– most organisations invest vast amounts of money in data… we often start by reworking/examining existing data before investing in new. Using the organisational knowledge base to maximum value…


– mapping categories and adjacencies – bulding useable perspectives


– defining your brand and it’s response in a changing world

Clear Recommendations

Building frameworks

– strategy is changing and needs to work in a fast- paced real time context. Our frameworks are a more responsive model to create sustainable growth and consistency – we define the mechanics of growth so growth is sustainable/replicable

Innovation & Claims

– we have a long experience of practical, creative input to NPD and messaging

Category strategy development

– we do this with a more integrated approach than many retail focused category consultancies

Business model development

– it’s never far from the surface if you look at modern challenges

Input with a spark…

– we offer creative input – full of ideas – but are cynical about ‘ideas led consultancy’

Realisation for Results


– until it’s executed great thinking/great strategy is merely interesting. Our work isn’t done until we get stakeholders, partners and customers on board and people start executing it.


– a focus on ensuring the first step[s] of the change journey is the right one… or for managing first year of NPD more effectively… a ruthless focus on establishing KSF [key success factors] and milestones/metrics…. occasionally averting the inevitable!

Metrics and tracking

– If you’re not keeping score you’re just practicing… we endeavour to help clients establish meaningful metrics and follow up

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