A shared perspective?

‘There is nothing permanent except change.’ [Heraclitus] Whether its rate is actually accelerating or not – who knows – but it certainly feels like it! So, if you think – like us – that:

  • What worked in the past, might not work in the future.
  • There are contradictions – complexity requires deeper, more reflective thinking even as simultaneously we have to work faster than ever before
  • We need to balance speed with the imperative to find new models to manage the longer term.
  • Marketing has to start to act more broadly and deeply – a think category mindset
  • That we have to work harder than ever to be competitive and to understand who our competition really are…
  • Real time’ is changing things in ways we don’t fully understand yet.
  • There are fewer ‘right’ answers in the face of complexity, big data, hyper segmentation, emerging markets, disaggregated media, nano-marketing etc. etc. so stop expecting easy answers
  • Relentless growth targets = a world of winners and losers.
  • Brands are just vehicles [if important and dynamic ones] for delivering a business strategy not an end in themselves
  • That ‘business model’ is increasingly at the heart of change in the hyper connected world
  • We must be more ambitious, have courage and not accept the status quo.
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